2016 SSDT Riding Numbers

ssdt logo in story 150w 120hWith just over a month until the 2016 SSDT gets underway, the organising committee have released an updated list of entrants, complete with allocated riding numbers. The SSDT Secretary believes there may be a small number of riders who did not receive the email advising them of their riding number. If this affects you, please contact the Secretary via this link

We are aware some people like to print off a copy of the rider list to take with them to stop their programmes getting messy (or wet!) As there may be some slight changes to this list before the first week in May, we will provide a downloadable PDF list for printing the week before the Trial.

Rider No Name Nationality Bike Previous Rider
1 Michael Mcniven Scottish Beta Yes
2 Rhuaraidh Mackay Scottish Sherco Yes
3 Jack Dignan Scottish Beta Yes
4 Nicholas Paxton British Montesa Yes
5 Andrew Paxton British Montesa Yes
6 Sean Doyle Irish Scorpa Yes
7 Joan Gaspar Catalan Sherco Yes
8 Marc Viladomiu Canals Spanish   Yes
9 Benjamin King British Gas Gas No
10 Thomas Haslam British Gas Gas No
11 Danny Haslam British Honda Montesa Yes
12 Jesper Antonsen Denmark Beta Yes
13 Dan Joergensen Denmark Honda Yes
14 Carles Esteve Catalan Sherco Yes
15 Urreta Diego Spain Beta Evo Yes
16 Trevor Heath British Jotagas No
17 Raymond Haslam British Gas Gas No
18 Joeseph Haslam British Beta No
19 Aitor Lafoz Ortiz Spain Montesa Yes
20 Thomas Hetze Germany Beta No
21 Ernst Schweiger Austria Montesa No
22 Leopold Steiner Austria Montesa Yes
23 Joan Pere Santure Andorra Vertigo No
24 Xavi Vilaro Torrents Spanish Gas Gas No
25 Dougie Lampkin British Vertigo Yes
26 James Lampkin British Beta-Uk.Com Yes
27 Ramon Palau Forte Spain Scorpa No
28 Alfons Soler Ferran Spanish Montesa No
29 Neil Macniven Scottish Montesa Yes
30 Ally Morrice Scottish Sherco Yes
31 Richard Gaskell British Ossa Yes
32 Stuart Gaskell British Beta Yes
33 James Johnson British Beta Yes
34 Harry Lampkin British Vertigo Yes
35 Paul Dixon British Vertigo Yes
36 Jordi Pascuet Spain Jotagas Yes
37 Simon Pickard British Jotagas No
38 Roman Kyrnyckyj British Jotagas No
39 Nigel Birkett British Scorpa Yes
40 Stephen Dixon British Birkett Scorpa No
41 John Holland British Beta Yes
42 Amos Bilbao Gonzalez Spanish Montesa 4Ride Yes
43 Ben Bowkett British Gas Gas Yes
44 Matthew Christopher British Beta No
45 Julien Panabieres French Vertigo No
46 Patrice Pastou French Vertigo Yes
47 Ben Hemingway British Uk-Beta.Com Yes
48 Dan Hemingway British Beta Yes
49 Scott Alexander Scottish Beta Yes
50 Paul Paterson Scottish Beta Yes
51 James Burroughs British Beta Uk 300 Yes
52 Becky Cook British TRS Yes
53 Craig Talbot British Beta Yes
54 Gareth Talbot British BVM Beta Yes
55 Sam Haslam British Gasgas No
56 Jack Lee British Johnlee Gasgas Yes
57 Yuriko Kobayashi Japan Beta Yes
58 Kanji Kono Japan Beta Yes
59 Hiroaki Onishi Japan Beta Yes
60 Chikao Namita Japan Beta Evo No
61 Emma Bristow British MRS Sherco No
62 James Fry British MRS Sherco Yes
63 Jean Marc Breton French Vertigo Yes
64 Franck Olivier French Montesa Yes
65 Robbie Allan Scottish Honda Yes
66 Richard Devine Scottish Mickey Oates Honda 4RT No
67 Tim Junkleiwtz German Sherco No
68 Jan Junklewitz German Sherco No
69 Matthew Maynard British Sherco Yes
70 Jack Stones British Aklams Beta UK Yes
71 Christophe Fabre French Vertigo Yes
72 Max Figarella French Gas Gas No
73 Donna Fox British Sherco Yes
74 Chloe Richardson British Beta Yes
75 Jonathan Richardson British Beta No
76 Euan Campbell Scottish Scorpa Yes
77 Aaron Smyth British Montesa No
78 Paul Lonergan British John Lee Sherco No
79 Gareth Andrews Irish Montesa Yes
80 Andy Perry British Montesa Yes
81 Russell Houston British Montesa No
82 Andrew Blackman British John Lee Beta Yes
83 Chas Lee Britiish John Lee Gas Gas No
84 Frederic Michaud French Sherco No
85 Andre Buchwalder Switzerland JGas No
86 Noe Pretalli Switzerland Montesa No
87 Guy Favre Francaise Scorpa Yes
88 Sam Connor British Beta Yes
89 Jonny Starmer British Beta Yes
90 Valentin Leiser Suisse Beta No
91 Dominique Guillaume Swiss Scorpa No
92 Bruno Royer French Beta No
93 Gilles Burgat French Sherco No
94 Michel Front French Scorpa Yes
95 Paul Nicholson British Montesa 4RT Yes
96 Gary Pears British Birkett Motosport Scorpa Yes
97 Ross Danby British TRS UK Yes
98 Luke Walker British Mrs Sherco No
99 Gareth Palmer Scottish Sherco Yes
100 Patrick Palmer British Sherco Yes
101 Andrew Anderson Scottish Scorpa Yes
102 Lewis Byron Scottish Beta No
103 Chris Alford British Gas Gas Yes
104 Anthony Farrow British Montesa Yes
105 Adam Mccanna British Montesa Yes
106 Martin Sandiford    British Beta Yes
107 James Dabill British Vertigo Factory Yes
108 Jimmy Mccanna British Montesa 4RT Yes
109 Allan Adamson Scottish Ossa Yes
110 Kevin White Scottish Montesa 4RT No
111 Jan Brockmeyer German Montesa No
112 Juergen Heinze German Montesa Yes
113 Thomas J Weir Scottish Gas Gas Racing Yes
114 Robbie Weir Scottish Gas Gas Racing Yes
115 Josh Worthington British Montesa No
116 Adam Norris British Beta Yes
117 Victoria Payne British Sherco No
118 Scott Cameron British Beta Yes
119 Calum Murphy Scottish TRS Yes
120 Stuart Crayk Scottish Gas Gas No
121 Joe Spivey British Splat Sherco Yes
122 George Spivey British Splat Beta No
123 Jess Bown British Scorpa Yes
124 Matt Bown British Tred-Shop Scorpa No
125 Peter Miltenburg Netherlands Sherco Yes
126 Chris Burgin British Gas Gas No
127 Ben Burgin British Gas Gas No
128 Duncan Hutchison Scottish Beta Yes
129 Clarke Hutchison Scottish Gas Gas No
130 Tom Hudson British Beta No
131 Jim Hudson British Beta Yes
132 Karl Clark New Zealand Beta Yes
133 Paul Jackson New Zealand Beta No
134 Tom Affleck British Cloburn Mrs Sherco Yes
135 Andy Chilton British Montesa Honda Yes
136 Jack Sheppard British Montesa Yes
137 Morten Andersen Danish Montesa Yes
138 Thomas Pedersen Danish Sherco No
139 Lee Edmondson British Beta Yes
140 Thomas Sagar British Sherco Yes
141 Andrew Sagar Welsh Sherco Yes
142 Thomas Hick British Acklams Beta Yes
143 Guy Kendrew British Beta Yes
144 Ashley Wood British Gas Gas Yes
145 Chris Beecroft British Montesa Yes
146 Sam Jennings British Dirtyboyz Montesa No
147 Jamie Stephenson British Montesa Yes
148 Travis Fox USA Gas Gas No
149 Dennis Sweeten USA TBC Yes
150 Joe Jennings British John Lee Sherco No
151 Toni Zink Germany Sherco No
152 Dan Peace British Gas Gas No
153 Ian Austermuhle British Beta-Uk.Com Yes
154 John Crinson British Beta Yes
155 Paolo Lazzaroni Italian Beta No
156 Alessandro Merlo Italian Beta No
157 Per Berggren Swedish TRS Yes
158 Simon Sharp British Vertigo Yes
159 Sam Sharp British Vertigo Yes
160 Massimo Parodi Italian Beta No
161 Davide Morando Italy Beta No
162 Miles Carruthers British Sherco Yes
163 Ian Weatherill British Vertigo Yes
164 Lewis Peart British Ossa Yes
165 Bobby Clark British Ossa No
166 Rob Waite British Beta No
167 Mark Grant Scottish Montesa 4Rt Yes
168 Giorgio Corrieri Italy Montesa No
169 Paolo Broganelli Italian Montesa Cota No
170 Lewis Bell Scottish Montesa Yes
171 Liston Bell Scottish Montesa Yes
172 Cfn Stuart Mack (Reme) Scottish Acklams Beta Yes
173 Wo2 Vince Mackintosh British Acklams Beta Yes
174 Phil Wiffe (Reme) British Acklams Beta Yes
175 Cpl Sam Sanderson British Acklams Beta Yes
176 Richard Suffell British Tbg Beta Yes
177 Sandra Gomez Cantero Spain Scorpa Yes
178 Josep Maria Prat Spanish Vertigo No
179 Fred Adams British Gtl Montesa 4Rt Yes
180 Robert Paterson Scottish Montesa No
181 Craig Horne Scottish Montesa No
182 Marcel Albos Andorra Gas Gas Yes
183 Albert Arana Puig Spanish Gas Gas Yes
184 Scott Gordon Scottish Dagg Plant Montesa Yes
185 Euan Allan Scottish Beta No
186 Jamie Reid Scottish Beta No
187 Ralph Jnr Yeaman Scottish Scorpa Twenty 300 Yes
188 Ralph Snr Yeaman Scottish Ossa Yes
189 George Edyvean British Montesa Yes
190 Rob Pollard British Beta Yes
191 George Pollard British Beta Yes
192 Chris Curtis British Sherco Yes
193 Jorge Alonso Spain Vertigo Yes
194 Manel Jane Spanish Vertigo Yes
195 Alberto Bordoy Garrigos Spanish Vertigo Yes
196 Chris Pearson British Mrs Splat Sherco Yes
197 Dan Thorpe British Gas Gas Yes
198 Vaclav Bruj Czech Republic Sherco Yes
199 Ernie Byrne British Beta No
200 Axel Jane Spanish Vertigo Yes
201 Albert Albo Spain Vertigo Yes
202 Joan Moncanut Catalan Gas Gas No
203 Philip Baxter British Montesa 4Rt No
204 Louis Grey British Beta Yes
205 Katy Sunter British JST Gas Gas UK Yes
206 Mark Sunter British Gas Gas Yes
207 Osamu Kioka Japanese Montesa No
208 Masaki Inomae Japan Beta Yes
209 Gary Macdonald Scottish Scorpa Yes
210 Duncan Macdonald Scottish Scorpa Yes
211 Craig Houston British Scorpa Yes
212 Colin Ward British Beta Yes
213 Travis Ward British Beta No
214 Noe Reinoso Serra Spain Sherco No
215 Carlos Casas Spain Montesa Yes
216 Kevin Mosey British Sevcon Montesa 4Rt No
217 Declan Bullock British Beta Yes
218 Takeshi Miyabara Japan Beta No
219 Katsuyoshi Sugiura Japan Beta Yes
220 David Hollands British HLS Beta No
221 Gordon Murray Scottish HLS Beta Yes
222 Ross Murray Scottish HLS Beta Yes
223 David Anderson Scottish HLS Gas Gas Yes
224 Stuart Anderson Scottish HLS Gas Gas Yes
225 John Charlton British Beta Yes
226 Stephen Larkin British Off Road Moto Montesa Yes
227 Joe Baker British Mrs Active Bikesport Sherco Yes
228 Tom Hooper British MRS RCM Sherco No
229 Andrew Stevenson Scottish Montesa 4RT Yes
230 James Carr British Scorpa Yes
231 Alexz Wigg British JSTGas Gas Yes
232 John Shirt British Gas Gas Yes
233 Michael Brown British JSTGas Gas Yes
234 Jack Ferguson Scottish Beta Evo No
235 Dougie Gibson Scottish Gas Gas Yes
236 Fanus Boshoff South African Beta Yes
237 Peter Leslie Simpson South African Beta Yes
238 Kevin Chapman British Gas Gas Yes
239 Richard Timperley British Acklams Beta Yes
240 Corey Dubik British Acklams Beta Yes
241 Matthew Alpe British Beta yes
242 Tom Middleton British Beta Evo No
243 Joel Sadler British Beta Yes
244 Sam Yeadon British Acklams Beta Yes
245 Davy Morewood British Beta Yes
246 Reece Morewood British Beta No
247 Boyd Webster British Inch Perfect Beta Yes
248 Alan Mudd British Beta Yes
249 Rene Mabily French Vertigo No
250 Thomas Mabily French Jotagas Yes
251 Joe Hutchinson British Gas Gas No
252 Scott Turpin British Gas Gas Yes
253 Aran Drachenberg British Inch Perfect Trials Beta Yes
254 Graham Tales British Beta Yes
255 James Moorhouse British Bultaco Yes
256 John Battensby British MRS Sherco Yes
257 James Stones British MRS Sherco Yes
258 Andrew Battensby British Beta Yes
259 Stefan Bernhart Germany Gas Gas No
260 Frederik Ganter German Gas Gas No
261 Paul Terry British Sherco Yes
263 Gavin Lowther British Sherco Yes
263 Andreas Zipf Germany Beta No
264 Klaus Deisinger German Gas Gas No
265 Darren Palmer British Montesa Yes
266 James Black British Sherco Yes
267 Lee Mcgee British Montesa No
268 James Mcdougall Scottish Gasgas Yes
269 Andrew Nicholson British Gas Gas No
270 Grant Reid Scottish MSport Montesa 4RT Yes
271 Iwan Roberts Welsh Beta Yes
272 Michele Bosi Italian Beta No
273 Jon Berlin South African Vertigo No
274 Adrian Lewis British Vertigo No
275 Bill Merritt USA Vertigo No
276 Daryl Mccall Scottish Beta Yes
277 Sandy George Scottish Beta No
278 Barry Kinley Manx Beta Yes
279 John Chatto British John Lee Beta No
280 Brian Wojnarowski Canadian Sherco Yes
281 Richard Midgley British Beta-Uk.Com Yes
282 Sam Boocock British Appys Beta No
283 Sam Cahill British Trials UK Beta Yes
284 Nigel Sharp British Beta Evo Yes
285 Gary Maclennan Scottish Beta Yes

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