2019 SSDT Rider Numbers Revealed

carlos casas 2019 ssdt storyIn a break with tradition popular Catalan, Carlos Casas will start the 2019 SSDT to mark his 30th Scottish The 2019 Scottish Six Days Trial is now less than a month away and the build-up to this most famous of motorcycle Trials continues this week with the release of the rider’s competition numbers by the organising Edinburgh and District club. A total of 281 numbers have been allocated and, whilst there may still be some last minute changes, this is effectively the final entry list.

Tradition has been for a Scottish rider to start the event each year, but this year that tradition will be broken as the first man to be flagged away from the Fort William Parc Ferme at 7.30am on Monday, 6th May will be respected Catalan, Carlos Casas - Vertigo. The honour of riding with the No 1 plate not only marks Carlos’ 30th start in the event but is recognition from the club for the decades he has spent as the Trial’s Catalonian ambassador. There is no doubt that he has made a major contribution to the popularity of the SSDT in Spain.

The first of the nine women contenders, Bristol's Victoria Payne - Sherco, starts at number 21, whilst a certain Dougie Lampkin - Vertigo, aiming for an incredible 13th (or 12 + 1 as he calls it!) SSDT victory is number 73. His long-time friend and former event winner Amos Bilbao - Montesa is number 75 whilst Francesc Moret  Montesa who must be a favourite for the Best Foreign Rider award is number 77.

It is often said that the Scottish can be won and lost on Ben Nevis on the final day and that’s exactly what happened to James Dabill – Beta in 2018 when, after leading the Trial all week, his tyre came off the rim during one of the final sections of the event. It was cruel luck, but that’s the Scottish and reigning British Champion, James is back riding number 111 to try again for a third Premier award in the greatest Trial in the World.

Women’s Trial World Champion, Emma Bristow - Sherco starts at number 131 and while there's no Scottish rider at the front of the field this year, there is at the back with local Lochaber club member, Gary Maclennan.- Beta playing tail-end Charlie and carrying the number 281 plate.

This is just the tip of the 280 rider iceberg and we'll catch up with more of the eclectic International entry as the 2019 SSDT approaches.

2019 SSDT Entry List as at 7th April

* denotes first time rider

Day 1 Early Day
No. Name Nationality Club Bike
1 Carlos Casas Spain Moto Club Olot Vertigo
2 Pere Casas Spain Moto Club Olot Vertigo
3 Kevin Morphett England Tenterden & District Montesa
4 Alastair Millar Scotland Bon Accord Beta
5 David Carter Wales Vale of Towy TRS
6 Wayne Jones Wales Vale of Towy Beta
7 Scott Cameron England Mendip Vale Beta
8 Mark Cameron England Devon Port Sherco
9 Josep Maria Prat Spain Motor Club Abadesses Gas Gas
10 Neil MacNiven Scotland Lochaber & District Beta
11 Albert Arana Puig Spain Moto Club Olot TRS
12 Ally Morrice Scotland Lochaber & District Beta
13 Euan Campbell Scotland Lochaber & District Beta
14 Patrick Jukes * England Richmond Motor Club  Beta 
15 James McDougall Scotland Inverness & District GasGas
16 Carles Esteve Spain Cingles de berta GasGas
17 Julien Panabieres France Trial Club Catalan Vertigo 
18 Jack Austin England Ilford MC & LCC Montesa 
19 Patrice Pastou France Trial Club Catalan Vertigo 
20 Dougie Fox Scotland Loch Lomond MCC Beta
21 Victoria Payne England Kingswood MCC Active MRS Sherco
22 Renaud Bourdin France Trial Club Catalan Vertigo 
23 Mark Cottingham England GEST Trials Club Gas Gas
24 Thomas Weir Scotland Kinlochleven & District MC LH Gas Gas
25 Thomas Moss * England Eastbourne & District MC Stiles Gas Gas
26 Boyd Webster England Yeadon & Guiseley Montesa
27 Jack Stiles * England Gest Trials Club Stiles Gas Gas
28 Tyler Murphy Scotland Kinlochleven & District MC LH Gas Gas 
29 Daniel Lambert * England Bradford Vertigo 
30 Alan Mudd England Bradford Beta
31 Duncan MacColl * Scotland Lochaber & District Beta
32 Chris Howman England Federation of British Police Motor Clubs Montesa
33 Robbie Weir Scotland Kinlochleven & District MC LH Gas Gas 
34 James Postlethwaite England Barrow & District  MCC Birkett Scorpa 
35 Robert James England Bon Accord Beta
36 Andrew Anderson Scotland Perth & District Scorpa
37 James Johnson England Barrow & District MCC Scorpa
38 Stuart Crayk Scotland Inverness & District Gas Gas 
39 Calum Murphy Scotland Kinlochleven & District MC LH TRS
40 Aran Drachenberg England Yeadon and Guiseley Beta
41 John Holland England Bassenthwaite & DMC Beta
42 Stuart Gaskell England Bassenthwaite & DMC Beta
43 Graham Tales England Bradford Inch Perfect Gas Gas
44 Tom Minta England South Shropshire Birkett Scorpa
45 Nigel Birkett England Lakes M-T-A Birkett Scorpa
46 Richard Gaskell England Bassenthwaite & DMC Beta
47 Stephen Dixon England Bassenthwaite & DMC Birkett Scorpa
Day 2 Early Day
No. Name Nationality Club Bike
48 Duncan Hutchison Scotland Lochinver Trials Club Beta
49 Paul Lonergan England Castle Colchester JL Gas Gas
50 Clarke Hutchison Scotland Lochinver Trials Club Beta
51 Sheldon Seal * England Inverness & District Beta 
52 Joe Spivey England Sheffield & Hallamshire MCC Splat Sherco
53 David Vass Scotland Inverness & District Beta
54 Jamie Black * Scotland Perth & District Honda
55 John Mitchell Scotland Inverness & District Sherco
56 Miles Carruthers England Hook Wood Trials Club Splat Sherco
57 Aleyn Taggart * Isle of Man Southern MCC Gas Gas
58 George Spivey England Sheffield & Hallamshire MCC Beta
59 Jonathon Hughes England Richmond MC Graham Charlton Beta
60 Roy Palmer England Spen Valley Montesa
61 Benjamin Allison-Hughes England Richmond MC Graham Charlton Beta
62 Yannick Rigolot * France M C zone 68 Vertigo 
63 Nigel Scott * England Spen valley mcc Beta
64 Oliver Lace * Isle of Man Peveril MCC  Gas Gas 
65 Gavin Johnston Scotland Inverness & District Scorpa
66 Norbert Fernandez Monteis Spain MotoClub Olot Vertigo
67 Richard Berthou * France PRESQU'ILE TOUT TERRAIN Sherco
68 Jean Luc Nictou France M C zone 68 Vertigo 
69 Benoit Dagnicourt * France U M NEMOURS Vertigo 
70 Jan Peters Germany AMC Kerzenheim TRS
71 Paul Dixon England Barrow Veritigo
72 Theresa Baeuml * Germany AC Mayen TRRS
73 Dougie Lampkin England Bradford DMC Vertigo
74 Jordi Monras Soto Spain Moto Club Abadesses Vertigo
75 Amos Bilbao Spain CSR Sport Montesa
76 Marc Casablanca Zambrano * Spain Moto Club Abadesses Vertigo
77 Francesc Moret Spain Ripoll Motor Club Montesa
78 Jordi Mestre  Spain Moto club tortosa Vertigo
79 Ross Danby England South Shropshire Mcc TRS UK
80 Axel Jane Pascual Spain Club Abadesses  Vertigo
81 Luke Walker England E.S.T.C. MRS Sherco
82 Iwan Roberts Wales Llanfyllin & DMCC TRS
83 Dan Hemingway England Yeadon & Guiseley Beta
84 Marc Viladomiu Canals Spain Moto Club Cingles de Berti Gas Gas
85 Ben Hemingway England Yeadon & Guiseley  Beta
86 Murray Mackay * Scotland Inverness & District Sherco
87 Jorge Alonso Spain Cingles de Berti Gas Gas
88 Joan Gaspar Spain Moto club cingles del bertí Gas Gas
89 Danny Sutherland * Scotland Inverness & District Gas Gas
90 Chloe Richardson England Richmond Motor Club Beta
91 Andrew Smith * England Sheffield and hallam Gas Gas
92 Richard Timperley England Sheffield & Hallamshire MCC JST Gas Gas UK
93 Guy Kendrew England Northallerton DMC Gas Gas
94 Richard Sadler England Yeadon & Guiseley JST Gas Gas
Day 3 Early Day
No. Name Nationality Club Bike
95 Gary Pears England Richmond Motor Club Ltd Scorpa
96 Ian Payne England Bradford Beta
97 Lewis Macdonald * Scotland Lochaber & District Honda
98 Sam Cahill England Yeadon & Guiseley Trials UK TRS
99 Calum Macdonald * Scotland Lochaber & District Beta
100 Paul Nicholson England Durham County Trials Club Montesa
101 Paul Plunkett * England Castle-side Trials Club Montesa
102 Howard Gulley England Horsforth DMC Trials UK TRS
103 Colin Close * England Castle Side Trials Club Montesa
104 Andrew Walters England Spen Valley MCC Beta
105 Tom Green * England Horsforth DMC Trials UK TRS
106 Sandy George Scotland Lochaber & District Beta 
107 Calum Easson Scotland Lochaber & District Beta 
108 Allan Macmaster Scotland Lochaber & District Beta
109 Richard Fraser * England Richmond Motor Club Sherco
110 Davide Coppi * Italy Motoclub Val Sessera Beta
111 James Dabill England Yeadon & Guiseley Beta
112 Filippo Locca * Italy Mc Valsessera Beta
113 Jane Daniels * England Bootle SC Gas Gas
114 Paul Jones * Wales Frodsham Montesa
115 Juan Knight Isle of Man Ramsey Gas Gas
116 Thomas Knight * Isle of Man Ramsey Gas Gas
117 Connor Hogan * Australia AJS Moto Trial Club of SA Gas Gas 
118 Declan Bullock England Macclesfield  Gaa Gas
119 Matt Dixon * England ESTC Beta
120 Gareth Andrews Ireland Ards motorcycle club Beta
121 Gus Oblein * England Berkhamstead MCC Sherco
122 Russell Houston Northern Ireland Knock Motorcycle Club TRRS
123 Adam Juffs * England ESTC TRRS
124 Andy Perry Northern Ireland East Lothian MCC TRRS UK
125 Steven Moffat Scotland Inverness & District Beta
126 Luke Anderson * Australia Trials Club of Canberra Sherco
127 Daniel Lamont Scotland Inverness & District Beta
128 Michael Brown England Scarborough & District JST Gas Gas
129 John Shirt England Manchester 17 Gas Gas
130 Jack Price England Yeadon & Guiseley Gas Gas
131 Emma Bristow England Scarborough & DMC MRS Sherco
132 Neil Bowker England Witley & DMCC Beta
133 James Fry England Hookwoods Trials Club MRS Sherco
134 Aaron Hain * Scotland Dunfermline & District  Scorpa
135 Sam Connor England Hookwood Trials Club Beta
136 Jonny Starmer England Hookwood Trials Club Beta
137 Allan Adamson Scotland Dunfermline & Distrist 56N Scorpa 
138 Duncan Wood * Scotland Waterside JMCC 56N Scorpa
139 Terence Mckee Northern Ireland Ards mcc Montesa 
140 Graeme Wilson * Scotland Perth & District 56N Scorpa
141 Neil Dawson Scotland Dunfermline & District 56N Scorpa
Day 4 Early Day
No. Name Nationality Club Bike
142 Philip Scott England Seaton Delaval DMC Beta
143 Joseph Hutchinson England Newcastle & District MC Gas Gas
144 Ross Murray Scotland Inverness & District HLS Gas Gas
145 Gordon Murray Scotland Inverness & District HLS Gas Gas
146 David Hollands Scotland Inverness & District HLS Beta
147 Duncan Wright Scotland Bon Accord TRS
148 Dominique Guillaume Switzerland Moto Club Montchoisi Scorpa
149 Mark Grant Scotland Bon Accord  Montesa
150 Alexander Stampfli Switzerland Bon Accord Montesa
151 Ronnie Day England North East London Gas Gas
152 Andre Buchwalder Switzerland MC Jurassien Beta UK
153 Thomas Sagar Wales MCC of Wales Beta
154 Fred Michaud France Mc Ventoux Sherco 
155 Gilles Burgat France Sherco
156 Andrew Sagar Wales MCC of Wales Beta
157 Charles Maclean * Scotland Lochaber & District Gas Gas
158 Guy Favre France Mc Iseran Scorpa
159 Scott Alexander Scotland Lochaber & District Beta
160 Sam Yeadon England Yeadon & Guiseley Acklams Beta
161 Dave Mawer England Wetherby DMC Acklams Beta
162 Joel Sadler England Ripon MC Acklams Beta
163 Leo Salvadori * Scotland Dalmellington MCC Vertigo
164 Andrew Rose * Scotland SCRMC Montesa
165 Kevin White Scotland Bon Accord Montesa
166 Lee Tinney Scotland Lanarkshire MCC Beta
167 Barry Watson * Scotland Dalmellington MCC Vertigo
168 Mattie Reffin * Scotland Bon Accord Beta 
169 George Gage Scotland Lochaber & District TRS
170 Michael Anderson Scotland Dalmellington MCC Montesa
171 Chris Moir Scotland Dunfermline & District Montesa
172 Neil Wilson * Scotland Lochaber & District Beta
173 Scott Turpin England Neecastle DMC Montesa
174 Jon Berlin United States Sactopits Vertigo
175 Philip Wiffen England BAMA Sherco
176 Lee McGee England Guisbourgh Montesa
177 Jack Matcalfe * British Army Montesa
178 Lewis Bell Scotland Edinburgh St George Montesa
179 Jamie Reid Scotland Edinburgh St George  Beta
180 John Robb British Army Beta
181 Liston Bell Scotland Edinburgh St George Montesa
182 Richard Penfold British Army Beta
183 Scott Gordon Scotland Edinburgh St. George Dagg Plant Montesa
184 Sam Sanderson British Army Beta
185 Fernando Castaneda * Costa Rica Costa Rica  Montesa
186 Stuart Mack British Army Beta
187 Joe Dawson Scotland Dunfermline & District TRS
188 Vince Mackintosh British Army Beta
Day 5 Early Day
No. Name Nationality Club Bike
189 Alessandro Merlo Italy Moto Club La Gurdia Beta
190 Christian Valeri * Italy Moto Club La Gurdia TRRS
191 Marco Marranci * Italy Associazione Motociclistica Colli Fiorentini  Sherco
192 Paolo Broganelli Italy Valli del Canavese Trial Club Sherco
193 Sean Radcliff England Bolton MCC Gas Gas
194 Martin Hawyes England Berkhamsted TRS
195 Richard Wells * England South Shropshire MCC TRS
196 Colin Ward England Stanley MC Beta
197 Felipe Koberg Costa Rica Costa Rica Montesa 
198 Daniel Santos * Guatemala Club de Trial Guatemala Sherco
199 Craig Keyworth * England Bannovallum MCC  Gas Gas
200 Joe Baker England Lyn & District MC Sherco
201 Josh Wright * England Camel Vale MCC Beta
202 Shaun Martin England CRMC Scorpa
203 Ian Martin England CRMC Sherco
204 Stuart Blythe England Ripon Beta
205 Dennis Sweeten United States AMA Montesa
206 Roger Williams England Richmond MC Beta
207 Oliver Smith * England Hookwoods Gas Gas
208 Dan Thorpe England Richmond JST Gas Gas UK
209 Katy Sunter England Richmond JST Gas Gas UK
210 Chris Pearson England Sheffield & Hallamshire Sherco
211 Philip Alderson England Richmond Gasgas
212 Hannah Styles * England Sheffield & Hallamshire Vertigo uk 
213 Mark Sunter England Richmond Gas Gas
214 Dan Peace England SDMC MRS Inch Perfect Sherco
215 John Sunter England Richmond Inch Perfect Montesa
216 Jack Peace England SDMC MRS Inch Perfect Sherco
217 Matthew Alpe England Darwen Trials Club Beta
218 Craig Middleton * Scotland Inverness & District Sherco
219 Chris Alford England Lincoln MC JST FK Gas Gas
220 Matt Bown England Mansfield Maun Scorpa
221 Louise Alford England Lincoln MC Gas Gas
222 Jess Bown England South Shropshire MCC Birkett Scopra 
223 Alexz Wigg England Berkhamsted  Montesa 
224 Jack Lee England Nene valley Gas Gas
225 Sam Haslam England Berkhamsted Gas Gas
226 Bob Adams * England Kingswood MCC Beta
227 Tom Adams * England Kingswood MCC Montesa
228 James Snowden * England Yeadon & Guisley  Beta 
229 Kevin Gundry New Zealand Tauranga Mororcycle Club Vertigo
230 Andrew Blackman England Hookwoods Trials Club John Lee Beta
231 Will McBain England Oxford Ixion MCC John Lee Gas Gas
232 Gary Samson * New Zealand Tauranga Motorcycle Club Veritgo
233 Fred Adams England Kingswood MCC Honda
234 Gareth Palmer Scotland Perth & District Sherco
235 Patrick Palmer England Perth & District Sherco
Day 6 Early Day
No. Name Nationality Club Bike
236 Joan Torres Spain Motor Club Rellinars Montesa
237 Rosa Torres Ferraz * Spain Motor Club Rellinars Sherco
238 Cesar Lopez-Pasca Spain Motocat Montesa
239 Ignasi Ysac * Spain Montesa
240 Alfons Soler Ferran Spain Motor Club Rellinars Gas Gas
241 Nathan Wrigglesworth England Bradford & District  Appleyard Beta
242 James Black England Consett dmc  Sherco
243 Jonny Brown * England Richmond  Montesa
244 Jake Gowan * England Bootle Scrambles Club Beta
245 Nick Royle England Richmond Montesa 
246 Joel Gowan * England Bootle Scrambles Club Gas Gas 
247 Robert Metcalfe England Richmond Montesa
248 Trevor Willans England Richmond Montesa
249 Markus Pfitzmaier * Germany MC Augsburg TBA
250 Stefan Behr * Germany MC Neuburg Montesa
251 Tobias Baptist * Germany AMC Kempten Sherco
252 Roman Kyrnyckyj England Scunthorpe MCC Gas Gas
253 Per Berggren Sweden Tiger MK TRS
254 Marc Terricabras Spain Moto Club Tona Vertigo
255 Ignasi Nogue Spain Moto Club Tona Montesa
256 Gareth Talbot England Wilts Border BVM Beta 4T
257 Craig Talbot England Wilts Border Gas Gas
258 Andrew Lishman * England Richmond Montesa
259 Aaron Dugdale England Bradford DMC  Scorpa
260 John Battensby England Bedlington Sherco
261 Scott Aitkin England CONSETT DMC EAM Beta
262 Lambert Meyer * France Trial Club Chateauneuf TRS
263 Paul Paterson Snr Scotland Lochaber & District Vertigo 
264 Gavin Cairns Scotland Inverness & District Vertigo
265 Ali Morrison * Scotland Lochaber & District Vertigo
266 Andy Chilton England Scarborough DMC Scorpa
267 Hugh Barker * England Hookwoods Beta
268 Tom Affleck England Guisborough DMC 180 Vertigo UK
269 Tony Martin * England Eastbourne & District MCC TRS
270 John Carroll Ireland D & D Beta
271 Brian Mcloughlin * Ireland Leinster Motor Club Scorpa
272 Tom Middleton England Yeadon & Guiseley Inch Perfect Beta 
273 Sam Ward * England Eboracum Motor Club Gas Gas
274 John Charlton England Consett DMC Off Road Moto Beta
275 Stephen Larkin England Consett DMC Off Road Moto Beta
276 Paul Paterson Jnr * Scotland Lochaber & District Beta 
277 Leopold Steiner Austria MTB Ferschnitz Montesa
278 Gavin Brown Scotland Lochaber & District Beta
279 Tony Wild England Richmond Motorclub Beta
280 Miguel Angel Bermejo Spain Motoclub Ziki Team Beta
281 Gary Maclennan Scotland Lochaber & District Beta

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