2019 SSDT Tuesday Route

2019 ssdt tuesday map


It's day two and the riders will be getting settled in, but this is a long and hard day. The action starts with Laggan Locks, an old favourite from the late 1950s that can still take a few marks.Spectators should not park on the narrow Balmaglaister road, but use the car park on the A82 and walk to the sections. Forest Gate is also accessible to spectators. Creag Lundie is always a big spectator favourite on the hillside opposite Loch Cluanie, but is busy so park sensibly on one side of the road with your entire vehicle off the road to traffic flows. Loch Arkaig is accessible and of course the last section of the day is Witches Burn with its natural amphitheatre. Please take care here as riders will be aiming to keep on time and the time check is just beyond the section.

Day Two Sections

Group   Sections Miles First Rider
A Laggan Locks* 3 24 08:00
B Forest Gate* 2 26 08:30
C Meall Dahm A 1 50 10:10
D Meall Dahm B 4   10:20
E Creag Nan Gobhar 2 53 10:30
F Ceannacroc Forest 3   10:55
G Creag Lundie* 5 59 11:30
H Allt Coire an Seallich 2 84 13:10
I Allt Tarsuinn 2    13:25
J Glas Bheinn 3 87  13:50
K Loch Arkaig* 2 91  14:15
L Witches Burn* 1 95  14:30
    TOTAL MILEAGE: 107  

* Indicates sections are accessible to spectators

NOTE: All arrival times are estimates and subject to change


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