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Unauthorised riding on private land

The issue of the illegal riding of motorcycles off road has unfortunatly raised its ugly head again. the use of any motorised vehicle, car or bike, on private land without permission is not only illegal but can jeopordise the future use of the land for organised events such as the SSDT and local club trials.

In no way is there any suggestion that this unacceptable activity relates directly to the forthcoming Scottish Six Days Trial. However the Edinburgh and District Motor Club, as a responsible body and as an event organiser that completely relies on the kind permission of numerous landowners and authorities, can in no way condone the actions of a minority of riders who are putting future land use and potentially the SSDT at risk.

Vehicular access to private land also requires the permission of the landowner. Any motorised activity without landowner's permission constitutes an offence (trespass) and can lead to criminal charges and/or confiscation of the vehicle.

The Club would also like to make it known that any riders who are found to have been riding illegally, and are due to take part in the SSDT will be dealt with accordingly, with the club ultimately reserving the right to exclude any rider from the event.

The SSDT has had a positive impact on the local area for the last century and this is something the club is committed to continuing via its many competitors who strictly adhere to land use restrictions under which the event has been run for the last one hundred years.

To conclude, the Edinburgh and District Motor Club would like to once again express its sincere gratitude to all the landowners and authorities who continue to make the SSDT possible each year. This in turn allows competitors from all over the world to continue ride amongst what remains widely regarded as some of the best trials terrain on the planet.

Please do not put this historic event at risk.

Posted on Apr 12, 2023