1912 Scottish Six Days Trial

1912 ssdtClimbing Cockbridge Ladder in the 1912 SSDTFor the 1912 Scottish Six Days Trial, no less than seventy-five entries were received - more than double the number received for the 1911 edition. Of the seventy five initial entries, seventy made it to the Start on Monday morning which was, again, at the Murrayfield Car Terminus in Edinburgh. The routes used over the six days were essentially the same as 1911, with minor changes having to be made in order to accomodate the meal arrangements and overnight hotels for the very large entry. For example the visit to John O’Groats was replaced by the run to Thurso. The total mileage for the week was calculated at 1065 miles. This is a very impressive mileage when you consider bike technologies and the condition of roads at the time.


R. A. Macmillan (3.75 hp Scott)
J S Holroyd (2.5 hp Motosacoche)
W Pratt (3.5 hp P & M.)
Frank Smith (5-6 hp Clyno sc.)
C T Newsome (3.5 hp Rover)
W G McMiinnies (3.5 hp Triumph)
J. F. Morrison (2.75 hp Douglas)
G. Griffith (6 hp Zenith)
F. G. Edmond (3.5 hp Humber )
Bert Yates (3.5 hp Humber)
P W Bischoff (3.5 hp Triumph sc.)
J R Alexander (7 Indian)
C M Keiller (8 G.W.K. cyclecar)
M Pratt (3.5 hp Alldays-Matchless)
W Westwood (3.5 hp Triumph)
George Brough (6 hp Brough) (Yes, THE George Brough!)
Vernon Taylor (3.5 hp Rudge)
H Berwick (3.5 hp New Hudson)
P Morrison (5-6 hp Bat)
W D South (3.5 hp Rudge)
F C North (3.5 hp Ariel)
C W Meredith (3.5 hp Bradbury)
A J Dixon (3.5 hp Singer)
R Holloway (3.5 hp Premier)
J Oliphant (3.5 hp Premier)
R G Mundy (Macbeth-Precision)
J Donaldson (3.5 hp New Hudson)
A U R Downie (2.5 hp AJS)
G L Fletcher (2.75 hp Douglas) Award undecided
A H Alexander (2.75 hp Douglas) Disqualified


J Steel (3.5 hp B.S.A.)
N W Downie (3.5 hp James)
A ] Sproston (3.5 hp Rover)
L Newey (3.5 hp Ariel)
R Lord (6 hp Rex)
Miss Muriel Hind (6 hp Rex)
L E Cass (4.5 hp Quadrant)
J H Begg (3.5 hp Rudge)
G T Gray (3.5 hp Rudge)
R. White (3.5 hp Alldays-Matchless)
H Gibson (3.5 hp Bradbury sc.)
G E Cuffe (7 hp Indian)


G E Cuffe (Indian)
A F Downie (Ariel)
S J K Thompson (Bat sidecar)
G Taylor (Rudge)
J T. Wood (GW K cyclecar)
P E Tolfree (Bat)
G E Whitehouse (Rover)


N Soresby (L.M.C.) Disqualified, towed 8 miles
A G Fenn (Humber) Retired on last day
W Creyton (Humber) Retired on fourth day.
C W Munro (Douglas) Retired on second day
W Houghton (Bradbury sidecar) Retired on second day
J E Chisholm (James) Retired on third day
E B Keiller (Rudge) Retired on third day
W B Gibb (Douglas) Retired on third day
Duncan Bell (AJS sidecar.) Accident, twisted handlebar.
F Begley (Hazlewood) Retired on fourth day
H G Dixon (New Hudson) Retired on second day
R S Hood (Brough) Retired on third day
G Bell (New Hudson) Retired on fourth day
A A Hay (Quadrant) Retired on second day
T Silver (Quadrant) Retired on second day
W B Little (Premier) Retired on second day
H Le Vack (Motosacoche) Retired on fourth day
A D Scott (Triumph) Retired on second day
I P Macdonald (Norton) Retired on fifth day
J Cocker (Singer) Retired on fifth say
F S Douglas (Dot) Retired on fourth day

Information compiled and provided by Deryk Wylde.

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